Subscription Guidelines

Overall Vibe:

Our customers are smart & creative marketers and so are we. We try to be positive and informative and help marketers level up.

We understand the issues / concerns that our customers face. Our brand copy should convey that in a friendly & companionate way.

Best Practices

Please follow the best practices that are outlined below.

Use Clear Language

Write common English words, not casual slang.


  • Write “use” not “utilize”
  • Write “buy” not “purchase”
  • Write “because” not “due to the fact that.”

Write Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Shorter sentences promote comprehension. Short paragraphs make your information more readable.

As a general guideline, keep paragraphs limited to three sentences or less.

Write in “Active Voice

Active voice makes writing shorter, clearer, and more lively. Passive voice, clutters the page and distracts from your information.

Get To The Point

We respect our audience’s time and we don’t want to bore them.

We prefer to get to the point as fast as possible as our audience live busy lives.